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Richard Chamerski

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Richard was born in England in 1951, Richard derives his artistic lineage from the great artists of the Heidelberg School. Having always enjoyed painting and drawing, he studied commercial art and worked in advertising for a number of years before taking up painting on a full time basis in 1978. His paintings are traditional impressionistic landscapes and seascapes which often feature young children and romantic figures from an era long since past.

The Heidelberg painters were disciples of natural vision and within this sphere their landscapes, portraits and subject paintings reflected their truth to observation aim.  They caught fleeting impressions as accurately as they could.  Their style has become Australia's favourite and nothing before or since has evoked such response from the Australian people.

Richard conducted a painting workshop at The National Gallery of Victoria to coincide with the Charles Conder Exhibition, 2003. Also conducted weekend workshops to coincide with the Impressionists Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria in 2004. In 2007 he again conducted workshops at the National Gallery of Victoria to coincide with a major Australian Impressionists Exhibition.
Below are some of the many paitnings Richard has sold at Seymour
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