Pottery & Ceramics

Over the years the Galleries have exhibited many potters.

Currently work by the following artists is on display:
Ric & Judy Peirce, Kerrie Docker, John Stroomer, Lynly Northcott & Michael Wein.


Over the years the gallery has also exhibited work by

Cathy Oddie, Peter Accadia, Jane Annois, Mary-lou Pittard, Ray Calton, Colin Bowes, 
Arnaud Barraud, Jan Bell, Bonegilla, Jill Bygott, Christine Dehn, Bridget Foley, Bill Gottschling,
Clare Hargreaves, Kim Haughie, Robert Knighton, Emily Laszuk, Claire Lenne, Pilven,
Barbara Ratcliffe, Joy Van Der Heyden, Don Walton, 
Moya Shakespeare, Inga Gormann,
Janet de Boos,Boxwood Pottery, Tony Carlin, Jeff Davidson, Ted Secombe, Jean Edwards,
John Eagle, Alina Dawgiert, Ursala Strabb, Ann Geroe, Victor Greenaway, Jilliane Hurrell,
Max Hem, Marie Horton, Barry Hayes, Kay Jensen, Sylvia Jukes, Mud Factory Pottery,
Gus McLaren, Diana Stammers, John McColl, Boggy Villa Pottery, Potworks - Fitzroy,
Jane Sawyer, Judy Trembath, Di Taylor, Jenny Vermolen, David Williams, 
and so many wonderful other studio potters over nearly three decades.

Our apolgies to those whose name is missing or spelling is wrong.

June 23, 2018
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