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Currently we have the in stock at the Gallery work by Silver City Mint from Broken Hill, Bush Prints by Gary Barnes, Allergria, Robyn Dymond, Elk, Marina Villani, Orchid Treasures, Mooka, Edna May, Jenie Yolland,  
Pencil jewellery by fimi designs and an extensive collection of Murano jewellery direct from Venice Italy.   
We are constantly introducing new lines and styles.

New in stock Jewel---pencils.jpg Pencil jewellery by fimi designs

Murano imported direct from Italy 

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Erstwilder - SOLD OUT
Quirky resin brooches, necklaces and earring designed by Louise Camille in Melbourne

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Orchid Treasures Australia
Designed by nature. Preserved orchids forever!

Over the years the gallery has also exhibited work by

Marilyn Verstraten, Robyn Holtham, Bronwyn E.Pratt, Tine Pan, Mavis Christopher,
June Emmins, John Stroomer, Wolfgang Schulze, Cathie Oddie, Liz Mazurek,
Marnie Mayall, Cliff Watters, Tess Raner, Vanessa plus many more.

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